Project advantages

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✅ Reduce transaction costs

💥 Transactions on the blockchain can be completed point-to-point. You can directly donate money to a designated person or institution without changing hands with multiple banks or institutions. This will effectively reduce transaction costs.

✅ Increase transparency

💥 Blockchain technology can make the donation process more transparent. Every donation will be directly recorded in the distributed ledger database. The records are open, transparent, searchable and tamperable. Of course, you can also trace the donation through the ledger.

✅ Enhance trust

💥 Blockchain technology enables people to quickly build trust relationships and eliminate the need of donors for third parties, which means that charitable and non-profit organizations in version 2.0 will no longer rely on other institutions, such as banks, lawyers and governments.


What is about TAOB?

TAOB is a decentralized and rapidly deflationary currency based on hecochain intelligent ecological chain. It is committed to building a blockchain ecological platform to provide support and services for diversified public welfare and commercial applications such as on chain public welfare, charitable social networking and circulation payment. It aims to protect the world's wildlife, so that more people with lofty ideals can participate.

Project brief

According to the official introduction, taob is an experiment of decentralized spontaneous community construction. Based on the above situation, taob (Taobao) uses blockchain technology to break the traditional charity. To create a decentralized and point-to-point trading ecosystem for global wildlife protection. Establish a fully transparent and unmanned charity data value sharing network. Circulation: 10000 trillion, 40% of the total supply in circulation, the remaining 50% into the black hole. 5% donated for wildlife protection, 5% for team research and development, no private placement, no pre excavation. Everyone has to buy in the open market to ensure fair and complete distribution, and can not dump to the community.



Chief executive officer
He graduated from the Department of computer engineering, applied science, Nanyang Polytechnic University, Singapore. Born as an engineer, he has accumulated rich experience in technology development, marketing planning, business development, enterprise management, strategic investment and independent entrepreneurship in his career of more than 20 years.
He once served as executive director and shareholder of KMT Hansha listed company in Canada, executive director of KMT nano company in Hong Kong and executive president of large international investment holding company.


Chief operating officer
Bruce graduated from McMaster University in Toronto with a degree in engineering and management and a master of business administration. He holds the financial technology certificate of MIT MIT. In his early years, he worked in Nortel Networks and IBM. He once served as the core member of risk management of Magplane Technology Inc., Magplane Technology Inc., and Bank of Montreal financial group in Toronto.


Chief executive officer
With 20 years of experience in finance, investment and risk control consulting, he once served as the compliance director of sbicap (Singapore) Limited. As a member of the pioneer group, they established the investment banking department of the National Bank of India. He was mainly responsible for the compliance, risk and supervision activities of the bank. In his early career, he was responsible for, He has held senior management positions in corporate finance and equity capital markets. He is a certified public accountant and a member of the Australian Institute of certified public accountants.


Chief operating officer
(former senior adviser to the president and CEO of the monitor group), director of IPFA, American Institute for foreign policy analysis, and director of Hyderabad Institute of insurance and risk management, India. The global customer base includes technology, higher education, health care, government, financial services and non-profit enterprises.


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